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About me 

I am from Cornwall and Australia and now live in East London. My life has been  nomadic and I have lived in many places, this background has an influence on my work. 


The brevity and fragility of our lives compel me to experience and notice the beauty, strangeness and mystery that can be found in the world. From the  grandeur of nature to the small moments and memories in day to day living.


I am particularly intrigued by the subjective nature of memory and how places and objects can be powerful vessels for our individual and collective recollections. When objects are out of place, ideas fractured or we experience heterotopias, our response can be visceral and the feelings uncanny.


My art is a response to this, it forces me to pay attention and allows me to share my experiences and memories with others. These feelings and experiences often feel familiar as a shared truth of what it is to be human. My photography, poetry, and painting explore and record this world, its landscapes, memories, places and stories.


Frequently the motif of crows and ravens appear in my work. I feel a connection and kinship with these birds, they reoccur at pivotal moments in my life and I believe their traditional portent of mortality functions as a mirror and counterbalance to how incredible life can be.


Processes I use are intuitive and experimental, combining chance with designed elements to resolve ‘problems’. The large canvasses I often work on are immersive and aim to create dialogue with the viewer. I enjoy working on multiple scales within the same piece to reflect how life  inhabits many macro and microcosms. Expressive wax and paint layers are interwoven and juxtaposed with found images to mimic the effects of time, geology and the erasure of memory and materiality.

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