Bloom and decay

Whispering waves grinding rock to dust

Ceaseless friction eroding micron by micron

Shaping of landscape with an unknown design

Billions of process and intricate results

Unimaginable years, time in-comprehendible


Bloom and decay like the rise and fall of nations

Countless lives that nothing remembers

Meaningless beyond their moment


Nothing stays the same


Mysterious objects we never knew,

Deep under the waves

Layer on layer

Silent in darkness

Existing until discovery under shrieking gulls and salty sky


Crystallising bones where once blood pumped

And sentience lived

Into stillness and waiting

For millenia


From rot and mulch into sharp crystals and clear refracting light

Iron of blood and damp of leaves

Life both filthy and bright and new

Repeating cycle of rise and fall, growth and decay



Creaking river of ice with tremendous strength

Scour the bones of the mountains,

Carve landscapes,

Roll boulders,

Freeze and thaw


Shards of schist fall into the valley below,

Tree roots entwine, grasp and squeeze,

Foliage scatters the loam

Oxbow ribbons meander

And a trillion corals build their fortresses under a full moon.